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Standarde MIL

In aceasta pagina sunt listate standarde MIL care au conexiune cu acoperirile optice:

                              (Aceste standarde pot fi gasite aici.)

MIL-HDBK-141 Optical Design
MIL-STD-34 General Requirements for the Preparation of Drawings for Optical Elements and Optical Systems
DOD-STD-35-120 Automated Engineering Document Preparation (Optical)
MIL-STD-105 Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Attributes
MIL-STD-109 Quality Assurance Terms and Definitions
MIL-STD-129 Marking for Shipment and Storage
MIL-STD-150 Photographic Lenses
MIL-STD-810 Environmental Test Methods and Engineering Guidelines
MIL-STD-1241 Optical Terms and Definitions
MIL-STD-1278 Filters, Light, Photographic
MIL-A-3920 Thermosetting Optical Adhesive
MIL-A-48611 Adhesive System, Epoxy, Elastomeric, Glass to Metal
MIL-B-48612 Bonding with Epoxy, Elastomeric, Adhesive System, Glass to Metal
MIL-C-675 Films, Reflection-Reducing, for Glass Optical Elements
MIL-C-14806 Reflection Reducing Coating for Instrument Cover Glasses and Lighting Wedges
MIL-C-26074D Coatings, Electroless Nickel
MIL-C-45662A Calibration System Requirements
MIL-C-48497 Durability Requirements for Single or Multilayer Interference Coatings
MIL-E-12397 Eraser, Rubber - Pumice for Testing Coated Optical Elements
MIL-F-9329B Filters, Light, Photographic
MIL-F-12717 Filters, Ray, Glass
MIL-F-21241 Filters, Color, Finished
MIL-F-21424 Filters, Polarizing (for Optical Instruments)
MIL-F-48616 General Specifications for Infrared Interference Filter Coatings
MIL-F-48616/100 Coating, Low Reflectance, Ordinary Requirements
MIL-F-48616/101 Coating, Low Reflectance on Germanium 8.0 to 11.5 Micrometers, High Durability, Special Requirements for
MIL-F-48616/102 Coating, Ultra Low Reflectance on Germanium 7.5 to 12.3 Micrometers, Special Requirements for
MIL-F-48616/200 Coating, High Reflectance, First Surface, Ordinary Requirements for
MIL-F-48616/301 Filter, Wide Bandpass, 7.7 to 11.7 Micrometers, Special Requirements for
MIL-F-48616/500 Coating, Long Wavelength Pass Filter, Ordinary Requirements for
MIL-F-48616/600 Coating, Short Wavelength Pass Filter, Ordinary Requirements for
MIL-G-174 Glass, Optical
MIL-G-1366 Aerial Photography Window Glass
MIL-G-16592 Glass Plate (For Optical Instruments)
MIL-G-47033A Glass, Borosilicate
MIL-G-47034A Glass, Filter, Colored
MIL-G-81704 Glass, Aircraft Instrument
MIL-I-45208 Inspection Requirements: General Specification for
MIL-L-19427 Lenses, Anamorphic Projection
MIL-M-13508 Mirrors, Front Surfaced, Aluminum for Optical Elements
MIL-O-13830 Optical Components for Fire Control Instruments: General Specification Governing the Manufacture, Assembly and Inspection of
MIL-O-16898B Optical Elements: Packaging of
MIL-P-13988 Paper, Lens, Tissue, Antitarnish; Wrapping
MIL-P-16898 Preservation and Packaging of Lenses, Prisms, and Mirrors Associated With Navigational and Projection Equipment
MIL-Q-47057A Quartz, Fused, Optical Grade
MIL-W-1366F Optical Sensor Window
CCC-C-271 Cheesecloth, Bleached and Unbleached
CCC-C-440 Cloth, Cotton, Cheesecloth
DD-G-451D Glass, Plate, Sheet, Figured and Corregated, for Glazing, Mirrors and Other Uses (Not Precision)
JJJ-C-561 Cotton; Sterile and Non-sterile
O-E-760 Ethyl, Alcohol
UU-P-268 Paper, Kraft, Wrapping
UU-P-313 Paper, Lens Tissue
UU-T-101 Tape, Gummed, Mending and Reinforced Paper and Cloth
UU-T-106 Tape, Pressure-Sensitive, Adhesive, Masking, Paper


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