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STRAT V6.4.4

            Manualul utilizatorului (*.pdf file).

            winstrat.exe ( Romanian version). Latest version.

            OPTIC.ZIP - Compressed files of STRAT application. Can be used as DEMO.

            Readme.txt - file in which are some remarques regarding utilizing the software.


            Manualul utilizatorului (*.pdf file).

            winglass.exe ( Romanian version). Latest version. Free. Download OPTIC.ZIP for a complete restoration of directories.

            sticle32.dat - the file with glasses and evaporation materials. Contain glasses from Schott, Hoya, Ohara, Sumita, Pilkington, Jena (ex. DDR), ex. USSR glasses.


            afisare.dll Latest version.

            matoptic.dll Latest version.

            hasp_windows_110351.dll Dongle key dll.

            HASPUserSetup.exe - Dongle key setup.

            NOTE. START V6.4.4 can use National Instruments DAQ boards to control the evaporation process. For this reason

   must be installed the NI-DAQ™mx from National Instruments web site.


        1. Antireflection optical coatings design using needle optimization and equivalent films

        2. Energy distribution on a plane in the case of optical systems with large light sources

        3. Optimization of optical coatings in optical systems

        4. Uniformitatea acoperirilor optice


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